Bentonite Granular
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  • Premium industrial-grade, dry formula, inorganic granular bentonite clay which can localize water migration and seal off water leaks temporarily at joints, seams, and construction irregularities up to three months until permanent repairs can be made. This industry-tested and proven product swells on contact with water to form an instant, temporary waterproof seal over leaky flat roofs made up of built-up, concrete, elastomeric or metal roof decks or on irregular surface areas in the rain or cold weather climate until they can be permanently repaired; or used for man-made earth damming/flood testing of rooftop or waterproofed areas to ensure watertightness of any installed membrane. Loose-laid granular bentonite can be applied with an average depth of 3/8-inch (1½-pounds of bentonite per square foot) to ½-inch on flat horizontal roof decks or substrate joint surfaces.

    Stocked in 50 lb bags.

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