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These popular knee boards are made from 16 guage stainless stell. They will not rust. Edges and corn..
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Tie Wire Reel
Holds 14 to 18 gauge black annealed tie wire, copper-covered wire, PVC coated wire, soft galvanized ..
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Wall Scrapers
Wall Scraper Removes excess mortar from brick and block This light weight, durable all aluminum ..
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Button to Clevis Handle Adapter
Adapts a button handle to a clevis end...
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Hand Tying Tool
Manual. The original tying tool. Speed, ease of use, and economy make this tool one of our best sell..
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Knurled Handle
The streamlined design makes this tool your number one choice for those hard-to-reach places. 4 twis..
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Long Handle Funny Trowel Bracket
Simply remove wood handle from trowel and replace with long handle bracket...
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Magnesium Bullfloat
Square ends and made from finest extruded madnesium available. Complete with bracket assembly and no..
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Square End Laminated Wood Bull Float
Just the right porosity, strength and wear resistance to produce a quality finish. 1” thick, 7 1/4"..
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