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  • SikaTop 144 is a polymer-modified, 2-component, cementitious coating. Designed for use on concrete, mortar, and masonry substrates. Easily applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment. This fine-textured, abrasion-resistant coating is used for protection against deicing salts and for dampproofing/ waterproofing. Where To Use Use on grade, above, and below grade on concrete, masonry, and mortar. Use on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces, both interior and exterior. Potable water tanks. Use as a coating over newly repaired concrete to provide a monolithic/uniform appearance. Use as a protective coating to reduce the affect of deicing salt on concrete. Use as a protective coating for waterproofing, dampproofing, and improved resistance to weathering. Use on concrete and masonry substrates to improve abrasion resistance to foot traffic and light pneumatic-tire traffic. Use to coat the backside of architectural curtain wall panels to prevent water intrusion from the outside. Coverage: 750 sf/unit. Stocked in 5 gal. unit.

  • Brand: Sika Corp
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