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  • A two-component, 100% solids polymer for restoration of concrete surfaces and protection of concrete, steel, wood, blacktop and other hard surfaces. It waterproofs and prevents freeze/thaw breakage of concrete. Accuflex is non-shrinking and contains no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). It cures and hardens quickly with virtually no odor, allowing it to be used in occupied spaces. Accuflex is unaffected by salt, oil, many chemicals and acids that corrode concrete. It can be applied in temperatures ranging from 32° to 100°F. Thinning allows the product to flow for self-leveling, crack filling and ease of spreading when used as a coating product. Thinning is also appropriate to prevent sag when coating on vertical surfaces. Adding recommended aggregate allows troweling for ramping and holding on slopes. Accuflex can be used in any thickness from more than one foot thick down to a feathered edge. Accuflex Accelerator can be added to speed set times. Stocked in 1 gal & 5 gal units.

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