ROADWARE Flexible Cement II
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  • Roadware Flexible Cement II is a two component hydrophobic hybrid polyurethane system for maintaining control joints, repairing cracks, and filling spalls in portland concrete. The hydrophobic properties of this material allow it to chase water molecules out of the way, preventing them from reacting with the curing process. This allows Flexible Cement II to perform well in areas of moisture such as ground slabs, freezers, and containment areas. Flexible Cement II is designed to work in both asphalt and concrete to provide a tough weather resistant seal and at the same time prevent further deterioration of repair area surfaces. It is capable of rebonding slabs, cracks and delaminations. This material may be used with specified aggregate to create mix-in-place polymer concrete that withstands thermal and shock movement. Uses: Repairing cracks, 1/8” or larger that may be subject to deflection, movement, dynamic loading, thermal expansion or contraction. Filling and protecting controljoints. Repairing spalls and pop-outs in exterior concrete. Filling potholes in concrete. Waterproofing. Packaging: 21fl. oz. dual cartridge units (600 ml) with mixer 2 gallon kits in two parts (7.57 liters) 10 gallon kits (38 liters) in two parts.

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  • Brand: Roadware
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