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  • CavClear Masonry Mat is installed full-height behind brick to provide a continuous drainage area for moisture management. A properly functioning drainage system is the prerequisite for a masonry design to achieve maximum thermal efficiencies and reduced maintenance and repair costs. CavClear Masonry Mat not only protects the weeps in a masonry design, it also addresses mortar obstructions throughout the height of the air space. Mortar bridges are problematic anywhere in the wall, not just at the flashing levels. Mortar obstructions and droppings which impede drainage are completely prevented by installing full-height protection using CavClear Masonry Mat.

    Sheets: 16” x 96” or 8” x 96”
    Thicknesses: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-3/4”

    • Completely prevents mortar bridges throughout the entire air space.
    • Eliminates weep obstructions and ensures a continuous drainage path.
    • Prevents moisture intrusion and moisture-related failures.
    • Prevents mortar bridges, minimizing thermal and moisture transfers between the wythes.
    • Reduces long-term life-cycle costs by maximizing thermal efficiencies and reducing maintenance and repair.
    • Ensures proper drainage even when a smaller-than-desired cavity width is necessary due to project requirements.
    • Energy Star Product and qualifies for LEED points toward credits in sustainable designs.

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