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  • The ARDEX Leveling Pins are an easy, inexpensive, time saving option for mapping elevation requirements when using ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayments and Toppings. The pins are 2 1/2" (64 mm) with an adhesive strip that adheres to any prepared substrate. The pins remain firmly in place during the pour and smoothing. They are sturdy and flexible - when stepped on or rolled over they return to their original upright position. ARDEX Leveling Pins should be used in conjunction with standard industry practices where laser, transit or similar methods are used to grid a floor. Once the substrate is properly prepared and primed, the pins are placed in a grid pattern (approx. one foot apart) and trimmed to the appropriate height*. The self-leveling concrete is then poured to the top of the pins to achieve the desired elevation. The pins will not float once ahered to the substrate and they become an invisible part of the matrix

  • Brand: Ardex
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