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  • CITREX is a heavy duty degreaser, orange citrus based chemical cleaner for both specialized heavy duty cleaning and every day maintenance.

    This pleasantly fragrant cleaner is formulated to include low foaming emulsifiers and degreasing agents in high concentrations. CITREX is concentrated to maintain high activity at various dilutions with water to effectively remove accumulations of built-up grease, grime, oil and rubber burns.

    Basic Uses: Use CITREX to deeply penetrate surfaces to dissolve dirt and emulsify fats and greases quickly and easily in food processing plants, meat packing plants, canneries, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, dairy, cheese and fish processors where thorough cleanliness is critical. Use to clean ink rolls in printing plants.

    CITREX is also effective in removing grime, oil and contaminants from concrete, masonry or other surfaces in parking garages, truck and automotive plants, warehouses, industrial plants, steel mills, sewage plants or oil burning power plants. It is also recommended for use in warehouses to remove rubber tire marks and other contaminants.

    Features and Benefits
    Removes oil and grease accumulations.
    Pleasant citrus odor.
    Concentrated for economy and ease of use.
    USDA authorized.

    Coverage: As a stripper 200 sf/gal undiluted. For general cleaning 150 sf/gal diluted 5 to 1 with water.
    Stocked in 1 gal jugs & 5 gal pails.
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