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  • Product Description
    LUMISEAL PLUS is a non-yellowing, high performance acrylic curing and sealing compound designed to provide high gloss sealing qualities that are totally resistant to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure. LUMISEAL PLUS is formulated in a standard high solids formulation and is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

    The tough, impervious film of LUMISEAL PLUS has excellent bonding characteristics, forming a continuous glossy, non-yellowing membrane that assures high water retention and excellent resistance to dirt penetration and other staining.

    LUMISEAL PLUS is designed for interior and exterior architectural concrete where non-yellowing performance is demanded. Ideal for sealing stamped and patterned colored concrete installations and exposed aggregate surfaces.

    Basic Use: This state-of-the-art compound is designed to cure and seal newly placed concrete surfaces as well as seal colored stamped and patterned concrete, driveways, walk ways, exposed aggregate, precast, block and other surfaces where a high gloss, non-yellowing sealer is required. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, such as, office buildings and other areas where positive sealing and dustproof performance is demanded. Ideal for exposed aggregate panels for high gloss, wet appearance. It is compatible with most adhesives for resilient floorings or carpeting after a suitable curing period.

    Features and Benefits
    Non-yellowing; pure acrylic formulation.
    Excellent curing and sealing properties.
    Enhances the look of colored, stamped concrete.
    Excellent for exposed concrete.
    Clear, High gloss finish.

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