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  • Product Description
    DRESS & SEAL is a sprayable, acrylic copolymer that cures, seals and dustproofs concrete. DRESS & SEAL's tough, impervious acrylic retains moisture, curing the concrete for maximum hardness. This clear, fast drying, sprayable sealer is effective on both interior and exterior surfaces.

    The high solids, film forming qualities of DRESS & SEAL provides protection from penetration of salts, jobsite dirt and other mild contaminants, as long as the film is intact.

    Basic Use: For curing and sealing newly placed concrete when a high solids, high water retentive membrane curing compound is required. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, including sidewalks, patios, driveways, factories, distribution centers, office buildings and other areas where positive sealing and dustproof performance are needed. Ideal for stamped and patterned, colored concrete. Use on exposed aggregate panels to intensify the aggregate colors and yield that just-washed, glossy look. DRESS & SEAL-treated surfaces are compatible with most paints and tile adhesives after a proper curing period.

    Features & Benefits
    Protects sound concrete from dusting when used as directed.
    Easy to spray formula.
    Excellent curing and sealing properties.
    Enhances the look of colored, stamped concrete.
    Medium gloss

    Type: Available in Wb & WB30

  • http://lmcc.com
  • http://lmcc.com/products/techdata/LDS1730_LandM_DRESS_and_SEAL.pdf
  • http://lmcc.com/products/sds/dress_and_seal.pdf
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