TK-CCS Concrete Colored Stain
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    A high solids, pigmented, chlorinated rubber/epoxy that cures, seals and protects previously patched or mismatched concrete. TK-CCS masks surface inconsistencies while imparting a uniform and attractive finish that is protected from the elements.  Available in standard colors (see color chart at right).
    MEETS ASTM C-1315, TYPE 1, CLASS B,C   


    • Hides concrete color variations/shading due to placement and finishing procedures.

    • Superior to simple coating products in that it covers surface inconsistencies and allows for good penetration and adhesion with the surface.

    • Prevents pop-outs on patched concrete by sealing surfaces off from water and chemical intrusion.

    • Provides excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack.

    • Compatible with most chlorinated rubber or acrylic based curing and sealing compounds.

    • Does not yellow or discolor.


    • Interior or Exterior use.

    • For horizontal concrete surfaces that have been previously patched or where mismatched concrete is present.   (For vertical surfaces, see TK-DOT Stain).

    • Ideal for applications in industrial, commercial and residential environments.


    • First Coat:  200-300 sq.ft./gallon
      Second Coat: 300-400 sq.ft./gallon

    *Coverage rates are provided as a guideline only.  Surface texture, porosity, weather conditions, etc. will determine actual coverage rates.


    • Packaged in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans.

    • Available in standard colors.

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