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    A blend of 100% methyl/methacrylate polymers used as a superior curing, sealing and protective compound for exposed aggregate, colored concrete and other decorative concrete and masonry surfaces. Available in Gloss or Matte finishes.

    MEETS ASTM C-309 TYPE 1, CLASS A & B AND TYPE 1D with a red dye added


    • Coating dries clear and does not yellow with age or exposure to ultraviolet rays.

    • Provides superior protection against freeze/thaw cycles, deicing salts, and chemical erosion and efflorescence.

    • Reduces the possibility of aggregate popouts on exposed aggregate by percolating down and around the stones to fill gaps and voids.

    • Forms a durable long-lasting film with resistance to water, chemicals, abrasion and stains.

    • Highlights and preserves the natural pigments in the surface, adding longevity and sparkle to the finished product.

    • Does not discolor with over-use.


    • For new or existing architectural concrete, burnish block, terrazzo, brick, stone, slate, quarry tile or other cementitious materials.

    • Ideal for exposed aggregate and colored concrete surfaces, paving block, patio stone, driveways and garage floors.

    • Interior or Exterior use.


    • Curing Exposed Aggregate: 300-500 sq.ft./gallon 

    • Second Coat, Cured Concrete, Burnished Block:  300-500 sq.ft./gallon

    *Coverage rates are provided as a guideline only.  Surface texture, porosity, weather conditions, etc. will determine actual coverage rates.


    • Packaged in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans.

    • Available in Gloss or Matte finishes.

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