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  • AS-1 ACHRO SEAL 1315


    A premier, clear, solvent-based curing, sealing and hardening compound for new and existing concrete and masonry.  The 25% solids  and high quality acrylic/methyl methacrylate resin make this the premier cure & seal on the market.  Also available in White and Concrete Colored formulations. MEETS ASTM C-1315, TYPE 1, CLASS A,B,C   MEETS ASTM C-309 TYPE 1, CLASS A & B AND TYPE 1D with a red dye added


    • High quality resin provides moisture retention that exceeds that of any other cure/seal on the market.

    • Penetrates into the surface and binds together the small dusting particles, filling the voids to produce a hard, dust-free and brighter surface.

    • Maximum resistance to abrasion and damage caused by salt, oil, grease, mild acids/alkali, stains from soot, smog and gases, and ultraviolet rays.

    • Construction debris will not adhere to the surface, making cleanup easier and less costly.

    • Decreases the need for costly repair work and extends the  life of the surface.

    • Highlights the natural colors and increases the aesthetic value on terrazzo, brick, stone and decorative concrete surfaces.


    • Interior or Exterior Use.

    • New and existing concrete, terrazzo, brick, stone, architectural concrete and other cementitious materials.

    • Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential work in public buildings, showrooms, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehousing, driveways, basement floors, sidewalks, patios and swimming pool areas.     


    • Curing:  300 - 500 sq. ft./gallon

    • Dustproof/Seal:  300 - 500 sq. ft./gallon Second Coat:  400 - 800 sq. ft./gallon

    • Renovation Dustproof/Seal:  300 - 400 sq. ft./gallon

    *Coverage rates are provided as a guideline only.  Surface texture, porosity, weather conditions, etc. will determine actual coverage rates.


    • Stocked in 5-gallon pails

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