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  • Mirafi® 500X is a woven geotextile comprised of UV stabilized polypropylene slit film. Mirafi® 500X provides excellent puncture and tear resistant properties in addition to high tensile strengths.


    • Construction. Woven construction offers excellent resistance to installation abuse.
    • Strength. High modulus provide outstanding performance in a wide range of applications.
    • Flow. Uniform openings provide excellent filtration and flow characteristics.
    • Cost. Mirafi® 500X geotextiles were developed to improve the economics and performance of roadway systems by reducing the amount of aggregate required, increasing the design life and reducing the maintenance cost, preventing periodic overstressing of the subgrade, and eliminating costly project delays by allowing all-weather construction.


    • The use of Mirafi® 500X increases the stability of the base material. The geotextile allows for drainage but retains and separates the soil above to stop subgrade material from contaminating the base material. Mirafi® 500X prevents the compacted base course from pushing into the subgrade. Mirafi® 500X is recommended as a separator in all paver applications, but specifically in clay soil applications. Meets MNDOT Type 5 fabric spec. Stocked in 12.5’ x 432’ roll.
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