cork expansion joint
Brand: WR Meadows
Product Code: WR Meadows Self-expanding cork expansion joint
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    • SELF-EXPANDING CORK EXPANSION JOINT is formed and compressed under heat and pressure to permit expansion up to 140% of original thickness after installation, which permits the filler to compensate for concrete shrinkage. Normal humidity conditions after installation activate the self-expanding properties of the cork. Product may be cut on jobsite to exact size required. Product is ideal for water-retaining structures. It is highly resilient. Produced from clean, selected, granulated cork bonded with a phenolic resin


    • - AASHTO M 153, Type III
    • - ASTM D 1752, Type III
    • - Corps of Engineers CRD-C 509, Type III
    • - FAA Specification Item P-610-2.7
    • - Federal Specification HH-F-341 F, Type II, Class C


    • Sizes: Thickness-3/8” & 1/2” Widths to 36” Length-5’
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