Ceramar Flexible Foam Expansion Joint
Brand: WR Meadows
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  • DESCRIPTION CERAMAR is a flexible foam expansion joint filler composed of a unique synthetic foam of isomeric polymers in a very small, closed-cell structure. Gray in color, CERAMAR is a lightweight, flexible, highly resilient material offering recovery qualities of over 99%. The compact, closed-cell structure will absorb almost no water.

    USES CERAMAR flexible foam expansion joint filler provides an excellent joint filler and back-up material for use in either horizontal or vertical applications where expansion and contraction movements must be accommodated. CERAMAR is compatible with all currently popular cold-applied sealants, caulks, and hot-pour joint sealing compounds. It is lightweight and easy to cut or form in the field without waste.

    CERAMAR compresses easily for use with shrinkage-compensating concrete and it may be used to relieve stress and pressure in concrete pavements.

    • May be sealed with hot- or cold-applied sealants.
    • User friendly, lightweight, flexible foam…forms or wraps around curved or circular surfaces.
    • Cuts easily on the job with a razor knife…no breakage or waste.
    • Offers high resiliency and 99% recovery qualities…low compression values…non-extruding…minimal water absorption.
    • Resists ultraviolet degradation…will not rot or deteriorate.
    • Non-impregnated…no staining or bleeding.
    • Bonds easily with common cartridge adhesives.
    • Non-gassing.


    Compression, 50% 13 psi (9 g/mm²) 89.6 kPa
    Extrusion 0.1 inch (2.5mm)
    Recovery 99.21%
    Water absorption, volume % 0.246
    *Test Method – ASTM D 545 (1/2″ (12.7mm) thick test specimen) All technical data is typical information, but may vary due to test methods, conditions and operators.
    Thickness Approx. Wt./100 ft.² Approx. Wt./100m² Pcs. Per Bundle Shipping Wt. Per Bundle
    1/4″ (6.4mm) 3.13 lbs. 15.29 kg 100 160 lbs. (72.58 kg)
    3/8″ (9.5mm) 4.70 lbs. 22.93 kg 100 240 lbs. (108.86 kg)
    1/2″ (12.7mm) 6.25 lbs. 30.52 kg 75 250 lbs. (113.40 kg)
    3/4″ (19.1mm) 9.40 lbs. 45.90 kg 50 240 lbs. (108.86 kg)
    1″ (25.4mm) 12.50 lbs. 61.03 kg 40 260 lbs. (117.94 kg)
  • Brand: WR Meadows
  • http://www.wrmeadows.com/data/323.pdf
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