Heavy Duty Long Handle Groovers
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  • Our quality stainless steel groovers are available in several sizes and are extremely durable, with cast magnesium adjustable handle bracket riveted in place. 10” and 12” wide groovers have stiffeners welded across ends to assure flatness. We offer our groovers in standard groove depths as published, or they can be manufactured to your specifications.

    Order No. HG4884 8"x8" 3/4" r 7/8" groove
    Order No. HG4103 10"x10" 1/2" r 3/4" groove
    Order No. HG4104 10"x10" 3/4" r 7/8" groove
    Order No. HG4104-125 10"x10" 1 1/4" r 7/8" groove
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