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  • Dyna-Poxy™ EP-1200 is a rigid, two-part, high-solids, highmodulus epoxy resin compound. Dyna-Poxy™ EP-1200’s outstanding adhesion to similar or dissimilar materials, in particular concrete and metal, high abrasion resistance and “pickproof” properties make it an excellent joint sealant for high security areas of prisons and other security areas. Also, because of its high compressive strength and non-sag properties, DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 is used as a structural adhesive for vertical and overhead bonding and grouting and for bolt embedment.

    DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 meets ASTM Specification C-881, Type I.

    Packaged in:

    • 1 1/2 gal. unit (346.5 cu. in.), including Base and Activator
    • Use same Color-Pack system as Dynaflex
  • EP 1200 Part A SDS- 7-11.pdf
  • EP 1200 Part B SDS- 7-11.pdf
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