Tamko Wet or Dry Surface Plastic Cement
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  • Superior performance in cold and wet applications. Performs as a general-purpose exterior repair and maintenance material on damp or dry surfaces. Stops roof and other leaks fast.

    Coverage: One gallon covers 12.5 sq. ft. at 1/8" thickness.

    Stocked in 5’s and 10 oz tubes.

  • Brand: Tamko
  • https://www.constructionmidwest.com/components/com_mijoshop/opencart/download/15373115TAMKO®_Plastic_Roof_Cement_Data_Sheet.pdf
  • https://www.constructionmidwest.com/components/com_mijoshop/opencart/download/1909789414TAMKO®_Plastic_Roof_Cement_Wet_Surface_Plastic_Roof_Cement_Trowel_Grade_FoundationCoating_SDS.pdf
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