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  • HEY’DI Powder X is a combination of cementitious and silicate based materials used on negative side surfaces to seal and stop leakage caused by hydrostatic pressure. HEY’DI POWDER X SYSTEM is a 3 coat, two component system consisting of one powder and a liquid. HEY’DI POWDER X is a dry powder that hardens in seconds when exposed to water. HEY’DI SEALING LIQUID penetrates through HEY’DI POWDER X into the capillaries of the substrate. There, it reacts with moisture and the constituents of the substrate to form crystals. While moisture is present, the crystallization process will continue for approximately six months. HEY’DI POWDER X SYSTEM is a dark cement gray color, and is not intended as a decorative finish.

    Coverage: One 30 lb pail, applied dry at 0.28 lbs per sq.ft. (1.16 kg/sq. m.) and depends on the extent of the active leaking areas.

    HEY’DI Sealing Liquid 5 gal pail, used as received, at 60 sq. ft. per gallon (1.47 sq. m/l).

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