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  • FlexCoat is a pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use rigid foam foundation insulation coating. The product is easy to apply with a brush and is highly flexible with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling or flaking. FlexCoat bonds not only to rigid polystyrene insulation but also to brick, block, drywall, plywood and concrete. When coating rigid foam insulation be sure that the boards are properly fastened and / or adhered to the foundation wall. Lightly etching the boards outer surface with a wire brush is required to assure a quality bond to the rigid foam insulation. Tape over the board joints with self-stick reinforcing mesh tape then pretreat these areas with the FlexCoat coating prior to final FlexCoat application.

    FlexCoat comes in a foundation gray.
    *Custom colors are also available upon request.

    Coverage is 200 square feet per 5-gallon pail.

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