Baracade Silane 40 IPA
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  • BARACADE SILANE 40 IPA is a breathable, ready to use, deep penetrating concrete and masonry water repellent. Features/Benefits Penetrates deep into capillaries of treated surface Reduces intrusion of water, deicing chemicals, and airborne contaminants Improves freeze-thaw resistance Will not alter texture or appearance of treated surface Applications Brick walls Concrete block & CMU Brick pavers Bridge decks Concrete surfaces Parking decks Precast concrete Concrete ramps Specifications/Compliances BARACADE SILANE 40 IPA meets the requirements of Alberta Transportation and Utilities (AT&U) Specification B388 Sealer Types 1A and 1B. BARACADE SILANE 40 IPA meets NCHRP 244 performance standards. Packaging BARACADE SILANE 40 IPA is packaged in 6/1 gal (3.8 L) units, 5 gal (18.9 L) pails and 55 gal (208 L) drums.

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