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  • STYRO-FLEX expanded polystyrene (EPS) has long been used as a mainstream insulation material for commercial and residential construction. It is a lightweight, closed-cell, foam plastic insulation that is highly resistant to moisture and will not degrade over time, making it ideal for above and below-grade applications. STYRO-FLEX EPS provides excellent design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Over the past decade, EPS has been used in a variety of groundbreaking new construction applications, furthering its reputation as an innovative and versatile material. Manufactured to ASTM C578-01 specifications, STYRO-FLEX EPS meets model building code standards when properly installed in commercial and residential assemblies. And with independent certification of manufacturing and quality standards by Underwriters Laboratories, you are assured of consistent quality with every order.

    Density: Ranging from 1.00 to 2.00 pcf
    Stocked in 4’x8’ sheets
    , various thicknesses.

    *Please inquire BY EMAIL for specific densities & thicknesses.



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