Dress & Seal 30
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  • DRESS & SEAL 30 is the highest solids version of our popular DRESS & SEAL products. DRESS & SEAL 30 is a ready to use, acrylic copolymer that cures, seals, and dustproofs concrete. The high-solids, tough, impervious DRESS & SEAL 30 retains mix water, curing the concrete for increased strength potential. This clear, fast drying, sprayable sealer is equally effective on interior as well as exterior surfaces. The film-forming qualities of DRESS & SEAL 30 provides protection from penetration of salts, j

  • http://www.lmcc.com/
  • http://lmcc.com/products/techdata/LDS1733_LandM_DRESS_and_SEAL_30.pdf
  • http://www.lmcc.com/products/sds/dress_and_seal_30.pdf
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