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  • A single component repair mortar for natural stone, architectural concrete and terra cotta. Mimic is formulated to be compatible with natural stone and is color matched so that the repair will blend with the existing surface. Mimic is available in 18 standard colors or can be matched to a specific substrate on a special order basis. Mix only as much material as can be placed in 10 to 15 minutes. Place in 1 to 2 inch lifts. Allow Mimic to become thumbprint hard before applying additional lifts. Over-build Mimic by 1/4 inch and shave to desired shape once it has reached initial cure (thumb print hard). The finishing technique will change the color. A smooth finish will appear to be a lighter color than a shaved finish.

    Coverage/Yield: 0.42 cu.ft./50 lbs

    Packaging: 50 lbs. plastic pails

  • https://www.constructionmidwest.com/components/com_mijoshop/opencart/download/2100099108MIMIC.pdf
  • https://www.constructionmidwest.com/components/com_mijoshop/opencart/download/1964076853MIMIC COLOR.pdf
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