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  • Matrix is a single component repair mortar formulated to match the appearance and physical characteristics of natural stone, architectural concrete and terra cotta. Accurate on-site color matching, 9 standard colors, 5 Mixing Colors, Unlimited variations allow the matching of Brownstone, Limestone, Sandstone, Terra-cotta and other substrates. Builds and sculpts easily, provides long working time and breathes like natural stone. Build the mortar to 1/8” to 1/4” above the finish profile. When the repair mortar has achieved initial set, shave the excess using the trowel or miter rod. Waiting longer to shave will result in a rougher texture or a weather look.

    Where To Use:
    Repair and reconstruct natural and cast stone, terracotta, and brick. Unique on-site color matching by trained, certified technicians.

    Coverage/Yield: 0.40 cu.ft./46 lbs

    Packaging: 5 gal. plastic pails – 46 lbs

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