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Catalyst Mixing Paddle
Popular because of its smooth, easy mixing action; excellent for color packs or 2 component urethane..
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Eggbeater Mixing Paddle
Welded all-steel construction; fully plated 7/16'' steel hex shaft..
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Jiffler Mixing Paddle
Plated steel wheels Unique action miixes fast as the lower wheel cuts upward and upper wheel downwar..
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Quik Mix Mixing Paddle
Blade is securely welded to 3/8'' hex shaft Ideal for stirring paint and blending paint ,drywall mud..
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Ribbon Mixing Paddle
Made from high quality plated steel Ribbon design ensures even mix of all kinds of material Ideal fo..
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Squirrel Cage Mixing Paddle
Safe to use, container friendly. Excellent for use with most viscous fluids. 3-1/8" easy-to-clean, d..
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